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Lash Perfection: How to Choose and Use the Right Eyelash Applicator

Foundation needs a sponge. Blush needs a brush. What do false lashes need? An eyelash applicator tool!

If you’ve got a pretty steady hand, you may be content with just using your hands to put on false eyelashes. However, we believe it’s best to use a false eyelash applicator tool. Why is that?

Other than it being the perfect tool to round up your faux lash kit, it has many other benefits - those we’ll get to in a bit!

Why Use An Eyelash Tool To Put On Lashes?

Reason# 1: It’s more sanitary

We don’t care how clean people might think themselves to be, but hands always tend to have germs! It’s just how it is. Even if you wash your hands, the method for drying them may lead to them having more bacteria than you started with. Have you seen those TikToks where people do swab tests on different hand dryers? We don’t even want to risk contaminating our eyes with any potential bacteria!

To minimise contamination, we opt to use false eyelash applicators. Keeping them in a proper case also helps keep them sanitised until the next use. If you keep your hands away from your eyes and use eyelash applicators, you’ll find that your peepers get less irritations and reactions. This is an extremely helpful tip if you’ve got particularly sensitive skin.

Reason# 2: Less mess!

Fingers and hands have more surface area compared to a pair of tweezers (aka your eyelash applicators). It makes sense that you could smudge or accidentally bend your false lashes when you use your fingers.

lash glue

Let’s go through one scenario. Imagine that you’ve gotten lash glue on your tweezers. Clean-up is as easy as setting them down and wiping them. If the mess is on your fingers, it’s not as easy as wiping glue off - it’s sticky! You’ll likely need to get up and wash your hands. 

Reason# 3: More control

Eyelash applicators are more precise compared to your fingers. When you’ve laid on a lash and feel like it may be crooked, you can easily make adjustments with the applicator. With your fingers, however, you could smudge lash glue or smear it all over your eyelid.

Some people shy away from using eyelash applicators because they feel the exact opposite, that they don’t have more control. It only takes a few times to get used to your tweezers. After that, it’s as if you were using your hand - only more precise! Practice makes perfect. And this is worth the practice.

What Eyelash Applicator Tool Should You Get?

lash applicator

There are three noteworthy lash applicators that you can get. The most prominent difference would be their surface area. We won’t discuss styles (ie if they’re curved or not) and colours since those don’t matter when it comes to actually applying the lash. 

Eyelash Applicator #1: Thick-Tipped Applicator

Since there’s more surface to work with, grabbing onto lashes using a thicker-tipped applicator is easier. This kind of applicator is ideal for beginners and experienced lash lovers since they can easily just grab and lay their lashes.

While you still could use this for applying individual lashes, those less experienced may unintentionally grab two lashes at once. If you think this might be a problem for you, then…

Eyelash Applicator #2: Thin-Tipped Applicator

… Get a thin-tipped applicator! A thinner tip allows for more precise handling. That being said, it may take some getting used to, but that really shouldn’t take all that long. This kind of lash applicator is great for both full and individual lashes. 

If you simply want the best false eyelash applicator tool that offers precision and versatility, get the thin-tipped tweezer. 

Eyelash Applicator #3 Full Strip Applicator

Some tweezers have a full, curved tip resembling the letter “C”. These are more niche tweezers aimed specifically to help you put on full lashes. Folks that use these find that they have more grip and are easy to use. 

We don’t have a problem with these kinds of applicators. Use them if you’d like. We, on the other hand, find the two above to meet all our needs quite well and they provide more versatility with other makeup scenarios. But again, you do you! 

If you’d like to learn a bit more about how to put on eyelashes, check out this page or this blog! Just click on them and they should redirect you to where you need to go.

Closer to Perfection

Back on track with a better view, you now know how to choose the right eyelash applicator and why using them can be beneficial for you. Knowing how to use an eyelash applicator should be second nature for all lash lovers! 

And where do lash lovers get all they need and then some? Here at Method Lash!


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