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Beyond Adhesive: Exploring Different Types of Lash Glues and Their Uses

There’s more to lashes than meets the eye. All focus is usually on the eyelashes themselves. The unsung hero? The lash glue. Lash glues work so hard to hold everything together that we must give them the spotlight from time to time. They deserve it!

What’s The Best Lash Glue?

diva lash glue

We may be slightly biassed, but the truth is still, well, true. When it comes to lash glue, we think the Diva does an excellent job at holding things together. It’s not only vegan, but it’s also a great choice if you want something gentle on the eyes. It’s also free from latex and formaldehyde!

When you apply Diva glue, it offers strong adhesion that also forms along the lash. It’s flexible and not unyielding whatsoever. Even so, it still has some waterproofing to provide a more lasting seal. 

Different Types Of Lash Glue

types of lash glue

There are different types of lash glues depending on their colour. They are mostly clear, white, or black. If you’re choosing by colour, you need to know what kind of makeup shades you’ll be using more often to match. You’ll quickly realise that most come in a clear colour. This is often the safest!

Even with the different colours available, we prefer to break this section down by the applicators. This is key if you want to know how to use eyelash adhesive the proper way. It’s also worth mentioning that you should get lash glues with applicators you find easy to use. Even though most glues come with their own applicators, you can still get a different one if you choose to do so.

You see, certain glues are thinner than others and that makes them more difficult to apply. Some are thicker and need a sturdier brush. Each one handles differently and you must assess your skill level to achieve the best lash application.

Lash Glue with Brush Applicators

The most basic and common applicator would be the brush. You know those little watercolour sets you used to have as a kid? Think of the brush it comes with because it’s quite similar - only these would be more tiny and sophisticated! The bristles are also more likely to be thinner and shorter, too.

Brushes are great for beginners and experts alike. If you wear full lashes instead of individual lashes, you can easily apply glue on the band with a brush. You’ve got your necessities already! Take care of your brushes as they may fan out if you’re not careful with them. Fanned brushes make it so hard to apply an even layer of lash glue.

Whether thick or thin, your brush may tend to gather more glue as needed even though they’re fresh from the bottle. If this happens, then just remove any excess glue by brushing the applicator by the rim of the bottle. It’s always best to apply less first than more!

Lash Glue with Precision Tips

While brushes are multi-use and versatile, nothing beats a precision tip applicator. They closely resemble felt-tipped markers. Think Sharpies, only slimmer. The ease to use them makes them great for beginners! But seasoned lash layers will confidently pick up lash glue sets with precision tips without even batting an eye (pun intended)

Precision tips allow for more control so we think these are the best lash glue applicators. With precision, you can easily apply a smear of glue to individual lashes or on your eyelids. That being said, no problems should arise when applying glue to lash bands as well.

If it wasn’t clear yet, precision tips are probably the easiest to use. They also make less of a mess compared to brushes - though the messes shouldn’t be huge to begin with unless you spill your bottle of glue. 

Lash Glue with Spoolies

It’s rare, but you can pick up lash glue sets with spoolies! Spoolies are like your mascara brushes. They may be more difficult to use compared to the earlier ones we mentioned. You can use this applicator to lay glue on lash bands or even underneath your natural lashes

Spoolies are meant for layering or applying multiple lashes since they can help spread glue on lashes themselves. Think volume. We wouldn’t recommend these to newbies since spoolies may spread glue in unintended areas of the lashes or lash bands. Sometimes they can lead to clumps of glue. 

Who knows? While using spoolies, you may also mistake them for your actual mascara brush. All that hard work to put on false lashes… Down the drain! This is one extra reason why we think spoolies are meant for more seasoned lash lovers.

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How To Use Lash Glue? Apply Yourself!

It takes practice to be able to get a hang of applying fake lashes. At Method Lash, we welcome beginners to professionals! You and your clients will love the lash glues and the lashes we’ve got. After all, they’re made for even the most sensitive skin!


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