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Party Ready Lashes: Prep Tips for New Year's Eve

Any plans for New Year’s Eve? Whether you’re planning to party throughout the night or just having a simple dinner with your best buds, we've got some lash tips that may be worth your while.

What should you expect from your New Year lashes? You need them for the long haul. You also need them to look their very best for a long time. And that’s where we come in with our helpful lash tips. 

We know there are different looks for different occasions. That being said, we’ll give you some recommendations on what to do if you’re going a bit more glam or a little muted. Excited? Let’s get started!

Method Lash Tips for Everyone

Natural Lashes for the Party Look

party look lashes

Going over to a friend's house for New Year’s Eve celebrations? Maybe over to your folks? Then you wouldn’t want to go overboard with your lashes. We want you photo-ready, but not too distracting. Who knows, your friends or your siblings may also decide to bring their single friend over. We mustn’t waste that opportunity!

For occasions like these, we strongly recommend grabbing the POISE. They provide a slightly fuller look and have a length of 12mm length. These certainly make your eyes pop out a little bit more, but still have that natural lash party look. It also helps that you can wear these lashes on any average day, making the set a more practical purchase. Maybe wear them to the office - these can still be great daily lashes since they feel practically weightless. 

If you want a shorter lash, then go for ALLURE. It’s a bestseller for a reason! It’s a very comfortable lash, great for all-day activities with the family. It’s also a wonderful choice for those who think that their natural lashes could use an extra “lift”. Oh, and this lash is perfect if you wear glasses. They won’t bump into the lens at all.

Glam Lash Party Ideas

party ready lashes

What if you’re spending your New Year’s Eve at a fancy party at a five-star hotel? Or maybe a lavish yacht party? Lucky you! For formal events, you’re expected to take your look to a whole new level. It’s not just about showing up - it’s about glamming up! 

Go bold and beautiful with FASCINATE. If you’re taking group photos or selfies, these lashes won’t disappear when the camera lights flash. This one has a blended 14-16mm length. Comfortably wear them throughout the day! While a little weightier than the ones we mentioned before, it’s still a lighter lash thanks to the super fine cotton band. 

A glamorous New Year’s Eve with the girls sounds like fun. The CHARMED is a limited-edition lash that’s worth grabbing while you still can. This one will give you a bold and stunning look. No matter if your girlfriends are going full glam or semi-glam, these lashes will make sure you stand out even when you’re in a group.

Party Lash Tips and Other Tidbits

party lash tips

We’ve talked about the lashes we think you should wear for the event but now let’s talk about some extra prep you might want to make.

If you’re REALLY going to party - and we mean jumping and dancing to the beat and headbanging to awesome music, don’t cheap out on the glue. We mean that literally. Cheap glue won’t hold up. Spend a little extra and you’ll find some high-quality lash glues like the DIVA Lash Glue. It’s strong and grippy, yet gentle on the eyes. This one will make sure your lashes don’t unexpectedly fall off during your party.

If you’re staying over someone else’s house for the holidays, remember to bring some lash glue remover. Some of us plan extended stays with the family well after New Year’s Eve. So our lashes could end up needing a little reset. We need to take them off properly - and that’s with the use of some glue remover. While we do love our beautiful lashes, sometimes we want to take them off and go au natural. 

Can’t sleep with all those bright lights and sparkly fireworks? Bring a proper eye mask to keep your lashes looking good. It’s perfectly fine to sleep with your lashes on, but they might get damaged. Make sure you get a mask with a recessed area so that it doesn’t just smoosh your lashes flat on your eyes. 

Bring a mirror. Even just a small one to make sure everything still looks good as the night progresses. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve needed a mirror and just can’t find one. We know bathrooms have them but have you been to a bathroom on New Year’s Eve? They’re always full! We repeat. Bring a mirror.

Have A Flashy New Year!

There’s still time to grab your eye lashes and accessories before the New Year! Here’s another lash tip for you: Don’t wait until the last minute. We have everything you need and more at Method Lash.


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