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Beginner's Guide To Different Types of Lashes

The world of eyelashes can be a daunting and confusing place. Here at Method Lash, our goal is to help you feel as beautiful, elegant, and confident as possible. With a huge range of different looks available these days, we’ve decided to help you narrow down your options for eyelashes.

We will break lashes down into four different styles to help you learn which ones might be best for you. You are, of course, able to chop and change between different styles when you see fit. Have a look at our site for more information as well!


An obvious but fantastic place to start when looking for different kinds of lashes to spice up your look. Natural lashes will simply add a bit of length and volume to your regular lashes, helping your eyes pop. 

We love recommending these Flourish lashes. They are fantastic at adding some subtle length for everyday use. You are able to stack them as well so you can add a little bit of density and flair to the natural look. 

If you want an option of a fuller, longer natural lash then have a look at these Indulge lashes. They are a little longer at 16mm and are perfect for a more special occasion. They are long and light, comfortable to wear, and work so nicely with so many outfits.


If you’re looking for something incredibly versatile that will stand out in a crowd then have a look at these Aptitude lashes. These eyelashes promote elegance, and allure, and make your eyes pop. Our Newest Daring eyelashes are so light in weight that you’ll completely forget that you’re wearing them. We’ve used a new technology, a hollow core fiber technology to achieve this weightlessness!

We have some slightly more stylized options as well. These Cherish lashes are tapered on the inner corners, providing a healthy amount of attitude slightly more superior than the Daring option.

Wispy lashes are designed to be worn into the office, out for post-work drinks, and out for date night on the same day. They provide elegance and maturity that are perfect for different kinds of lashes and different personalities. If you’re looking for one of your new favorite lash types then definitely check these out.

Soft Volume

Soft volume lashes are another wonderfully versatile lash variety. They are bold yet understated. Full-bodied but also appear fairly natural. Most false lashes can be a little too unsubtle. These soft-volume lashes are designed to support your look without detracting too much away from your natural beauty. 

These 1:1:1 lashes are our wispiest and warmest-looking lashes. They are subtly gorgeous and work so incredibly well. They are also fantastic for daytime, and outdoor events as they won’t get in the way of your eyes. They work so well with glasses and don’t require any stacking or trimming.

We absolutely adore these Glory lashes for a bold, more balanced look. They are perfect for producing a cat-eyed, sultry look that will catch the eyes of anyone in a room. What’s better is that they are one of our most comfortable products! Try these out for your next dinner date for some extra-long eye contact.

Our soft volume range is intricate in design and robust in look. Adorn the look of an eye-shadowed queen without any eye makeup with these amazingly bold, subtle, beautiful lashes.

Full Volume

There is an occasion for bigger, bolder, fuller-bodied lashes. Weddings, big parties, anniversaries, birthdays, or even a glam thanksgiving! We love wearing these amazing statement pieces on any occasion. There’s no better time than ‘we just felt like it’!

We have some rather unique looks in this collection. We love these Affair lashes.  Mid-volume and 16mm and designed with lightweight lash layers that build to a dramatic look. She is absolutely unforgettable. She is the big sis to Vixen and Scandal - but she is the life of the lash party. Once you try her - you won’t go back! Despite being full in volume, once you put this lash on you’ll never even know she’s there! She adds so much amazing texture to your eye appearance. 

This Dream variety is another side to full-volume lashes. Neither too dramatic nor too over the top, lash lengths range from 11-16 mm. This makes the perfect companion to an elegant cocktail dress for a weekend function. Impress, seduce, and captivate with these incredible cosmetic tools.

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You Truly Can’t Go Wrong

All of our lashes are designed to support your existing looks and help you get the maximum confidence you deserve. Play around with all of these options and see which types of lashes work best for you. The different kinds of lashes can be used on different occasions, so you don’t just have to stick to a single variety as you might do with makeup.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a single variety, do not fret! We’ve compiled some amazing variety sets for you to try! This Day-To-Night Bundle is a perfect starter pack. You can use each of the three lash varieties alone or combined together for your perfect look. 

The Love Collection we have curated is fantastic for more romantic occasions. Picture a weekend away where you can feature steamy, seductive eyes in addition to a warm, loving look. You really can’t go wrong here!

The lash types are an outline, but what really matters is your individual assets: ie your face, eyes, smile etc. Different types of eyelashes are able to accentuate and assist all of your natural assets for a fuller, more sultry look.


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