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Optimist starter kit (11-14 mm)


Elevate your gaze with Optimistic lashes, offering a seamless blend of fibers for a natural, wispy appearance. The perfectly crafted curl and tapered design provide a beautiful lift, creating a cat-eye effect with a flawless finish—an excellent choice for those with hooded eyes.

Be sure to trim off any excess of the clear band from the segments to avoid irritation as this band can be slightly more rigid.  

  • Diva Glue - White Original
  • Diva Glue - Black Original
  • Diva Glue - Mascara wand Black
Wispy Wispy
Clear Band Clear Band
Recyclable Packaging Recyclable Packaging
Long Lasting

Add on refills as needed

Long Lasting

One kit to change your lash life.

Long Lasting

Wear for 1 or up to 10 days
Reach desired longevity with our SIGNATURE bonds.

Multi layers of lashes give it a natural realist look. The blended lengths of fibres create a beautiful whispy look with the perfect amount of curl. Optimist is tapered to give a beautiful lift on the ends. She gives that cat eye appearance with a flawless finish. She is perfect for the hooded eye.

This progressive natural lash is set on a a clear band and gives a eye turning pop! 

Beautifully blended and tapered 10-14mm lash. TIP: with the Bandless lashes – for increased comfort be sure you trim the edges of the band if it is longer than the lash’s edge on the cluster. 

This set includes

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