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Opulent 12mm


Opulent, a 12mm masterpiece, embodies natural beauty for a delicate allure. Designed to complement glasses, she achieves a light mascara effect—ideal for both office sophistication and enchanting date nights. Embrace the subtle power of Opulent to elevate your everyday elegance.


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Perfect for Glasses Perfect for Glasses
Natural Lash Natural Lash
High Quality Synthetic Korean Fibres High Quality Synthetic Korean Fibres
Super Fine Band Super Fine Band
Recyclable Packaging Recyclable Packaging

Opulent is our most Natural lash, for the luxurious yet dainty look. The opulent comes in 12 mm for a very subtle modest look. She is perfectly paired with glasses. She allows you the light mascara look for the office or a date night! Opulent is subtle but do not underestimate her ability to level up your look.

Opulent lash fibers are spaced further apart than our other 12mm lash styles which allow for it to be an even more natural look. You can also stack clusters for added volume and density. She has 6 segments per pair. Don’t be afraid to be creative – you can use Opulent at the inner corner of the eye and pair it with a longer or more voluminous lash in the middle and edge!

Simple Steps:

  • Cleanse your lashes to remove any debris or oils.
  • Apply the glue of your choice.
  • Apply the lash segments to the underside of your natural lashes.
  • Once the dry is fully cured and dry - pinch the lashes using a clean applicator.

Disclaimer: At Method, our lashes are handmade with love and attention. With that said there may be slight differences from one strand to the next. So don't be alarmed if one sets is slightly different from another - it was likely made by a different pair of careful loving hands.

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