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The Art of Seductive Eyes: Black Friday Lash Deals You Can't Miss

We all know that Black Friday brings out the best deals and Method Lash is no exception. From the 23rd of November up until the 27th, lashes and other special items will go on sale! You can get up to 50% off on select products. If you’ve been itching to change up your look, now’s the best time to add your faves to cart and check out when ready. 

We’ll take you on a little tour and show you some of our bestsellers as well as show you some picks we think shouldn’t be slept on - especially during this Black Friday sale. Are you excited? ‘Cos we certainly are!

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Allure 10mm

allure lash

The allure (get it?) of these lashes is that they make your eyes pop even without makeup. It’s a shorter, more comfortable lash that you can wear every day without feeling the weight of it. The Allure lash is practically suitable for every kind of eye shape. 

Black Friday lashes like these are only on sale for a short while before people pick ‘em up. Don’t miss the chance to get your own set now!

Flourish 12mm


The Flourish lash is one that’s a little longer but still feels light on your eye. But they still add some needed volume! If you wear glasses, don’t fret as you can still put them on even with these lashes. Sure they’re longer, but they’re not TOO long that they hit the frames. 

Black Friday lash extensions like these are perfect if you want to be ready for a special, upcoming event. Is a New Year’s party looming? Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for it. 

Vixen 12mm

vixen lash

Like a lot of the lashes on this list, the Vixen is one of our most-reviewed lashes - for good reason! This is one of our OGs. And people are still drawn to them for their comfort and overall look. Given this, it’s great for daily wear.

Be on the lookout because if Black Friday eyelashes like this one drop in price, people really go for it! This lash has the same length as the Flourish but looks a little fuller when laid on the eyes. Why not get both Black Friday eyelashes if you can to see how they switch up your look,

Shop Lash Kits and Collections

Aptitude Starter Kit

aptitude lash

You can get one of our best-selling lashes in a convenient kit! You get 3 pairs of lashes, an eyelash glue, and an applicator in each set. Oh, and let’s not forget - you also get The Method Lash compact with it! And about the glue, you’ll find that the Aptitude Starter Kit page will allow you to select your preferred one. 

If you prefer to skip the kit and just pick up Black Friday lash extensions like the Aptitude on their own, you can also do so!

Method Lash Exclusive Complete Collection

black friday lash

Rated 4.6 stars on our website, here’s what we and other customers love about the Method Lash Exclusive Complete Collection. It’s all in the name, really. It’s a complete kit with all the essentials. Applicator, glue, sealant, compact… This has a little more than our standard kits and is perfect if you want to skip all the fuss of sourcing out different items for your faux eyelash needs. 

The best part? You can choose from our line of eyelashes to add to the kit! Allure, Humble, Opulent, Flourish, Influence, Vixen, Prevail, Scandal, Conquer, Affair, Primitive, Optimist, Aptitude, Amour, or Cherish… You’ll get 3 pairs of your pick! This is the ultimate deal for Black Friday lashes if we do say so ourselves… If you can manage to pick one up during the sale!

Shop Accessories

Lash Glue Remover

The Coconut Oil Eyelash Glue Remover will save you from the struggle to remove your pretty lashes. They get the job done and they’ll even moisturise during the process. A little of it will go a long way. Trust us, we won’t trust any other glue to touch our lashes (or our eyelids) except this one. 

Sleeping Beauty Sleep Mask

Listen… If you ever were to add a little something extra to your cart, we think this Sleeping Beauty Sleep Mask is perfect. You can get it in a leopard print or a black colour. A neat little feature about this mask is that it has indentations to accommodate your eyes. Often masks just lay flat on your face. Not these! 

Black Friday Lashes In A Flash

How will you get Black Friday lashes? No need to add any codes or whatever when you check out during Black Friday and even Cyber Monday. Prices will be adjusted already!


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