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Fake Eyelashes for Sensitive Eyes: Hypoallergenic Options and Safety Tips

Frustrated that your lashes irritate your eyes? Don’t lash out! There are ways you can still look fabu-lash without irritating your eyes or the area around it.

Hold on. If you’re reading this, keep doing so! This little read isn’t JUST for those with sensitive eyes. All these tips will help you because it’s all about observing cleanliness and mindfulness in your lash-laying routines. You know what they say. Prevention is better than a cure!

How to Tell If You Have Sensitive Eyes

Redness or Burning Sensation

If you notice your eyes turning red or if they feel like they have a slight burning sensation, chances are that your eyes are irritated. While this can happen if you simply get something in your eyes, this is a telling symptom if you have sensitive eyes - especially if they happen too often.

Watery Eyes

watery eyes

Again, if you get something in your eye, this is your eye’s response. It’s just what happens if irritants get in your eye. And we hate to repeat ourselves, but this happening more frequently could mean that you have sensitive eyes.

Itchy Skin

Our falsies, the lash glue, or even the tweezers could come in contact with the area surrounding your eye. Redness of the skin or having any reactions near or around the eye could mean your eyes are particularly sensitive. 

Is Eyelash Care Only for Sensitive Eyes?

eyelash care

Let’s bring up a few scenarios for you. The first one is this: You don’t wear lashes often and only do it on special occasions. That’s okay. Just don’t go laying on lashes straight off the case. Make sure everything’s clean first! Even if they’re brand-spanking new lashes, it’s always best to intervene and clean them yourself.

Here’s another scenario. You’re very hands-on when you put on your falsies. And we mean literally hands-on. You grab everything with your fingers and we recommend NOT to do that. Your hands, no matter how clean you think they are, are not the cleanest things in the world. Even if you wash your hands, they’ll likely grab some dirt when you touch everything on your makeup counter. So use tweezers! They aren’t just for plucking, they’re for lash laying as well!

One more scenario would be that you frequently put on false eyelashes. This leads to complacency. Just because you’re doing something frequently doesn't mean you let your guard down. Think of it this way. You eat three times every day and you still wash your hands before you do…At least we hope you do. Washing your hands, like keeping all your stuff clean, matters!

So….No. Safe and clean eyelash care isn’t just for people with sensitive eyes. It’s for everyone!

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Easy False Eyelashes Safety Tips

We’ve given you scenarios and we’ve given you signs. Now we’re giving you tips! 

Keep Things Clean

eyelash care tips

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. You have to make sure everything is clean. Your hands, your lashes…Everything! For your lashes, you can grab a lash shampoo to clean them. You can also use some alcohol and swabs to clean them. That same alcohol solution can easily clean your tweezers, too. 

Put Things In Cases or Store Them Properly

We mentioned one scenario where you don’t put on lashes often. When you’re not planning on putting on lashes, keep them in cases and put them away. Open cases on the dresser mean that they accumulate dirt over time. Imagine yourself putting on powder blush - that can easily dust over any lash and get them dirty!

Read The Labels And The Reviews

We don’t believe product labels immediately. Sure companies are supposed to put facts on there, but you can’t be too sure when it comes to your eyes! So if a product catches your eye (pun intended), do read the reviews! Customers help each other out. If you have sensitive eyes, look for reviews that focus on that. Be informed. That way, you can save money and keep your eyes healthy!

Get The Right Products. They’re Worth It

get the right products

The right products are worth the price tag. Hypoallergenic lashes may cost a bit more than plastic ones, but they save you from headaches and allergic reactions. Method Lash is proud to be vegan, cruelty-free, and latex-free. The lashes we have feel luxurious and comfortable at the same time! Clean, safe, durable... This is the Method way!

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The Best False Eyelashes For Sensitive Eyes?

We don’t want to toot our own horn that much, but we think we’ve got the best sets of false lashes period. They’re meant to be safe for allergy-prone and sensitive skin. The adhesives and accessories are of quality as well. After all, natural formulations already work so well! What’re you waiting for? Shop Method now!


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