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Reducing Waste in Beauty: Tips for Sustainable False Eyelash Care

How does one reduce waste when it comes to eyelash care? Here are some sustainable beauty tips for you.

When it comes to our whole makeup routine, we rarely think of the environmental impact of our lovely little lashes. That’s understandable - they’re so small that one would often ignore the cosmetic waste they may provide! But still. You can take small steps and little precautions here and there so that your sustainable false lashes stay, well, sustainable! 

Let’s get to those sustainable beauty tips, shall we?

Natural Eyelash Care Tips for Sustainability

Tip #1: Proper Eyelash Care is a Must

natural lashes

The best way to minimize cosmetic waste is to just go ahead of it by caring for the ones and tools you already own. Think of this tip as a tutorial on how to take care of natural eyelashes - because that’s what we’re aiming for. 

If your lashes are already set and look pretty, remember to still give them a gentle brush. This helps them look better and last longer. You can find specific combs or brushes for this, but even a simple and clean mascara brush could do just fine. This also helps clear some dirt and debris, if any.

Tip #2: Shop From Safe and Better Brands

method lash lashes

Why spend time caring for low-quality lashes when you can get value for money by getting better lashes? Spending a little bit more on higher-quality lashes can be beneficial. When you shop lashes at Method, you’re assured of durability and strength. The fibers used are much better, making the lashes ideal for those with sensitive skin. These are far from those cheap, pharmacy lashes you normally see out there. 

Owning a pair of durable, gentle, and sturdy lashes will lead to less cosmetic waste. It is how it is. They won’t break down on you at random, inopportune times - right when you need them. No more impromptu drives to the local store to get a replacement, right?

You’ll also need less product when you’ve got a good pair of lashes. Since you’re less likely to get allergic reactions from better lashes, you won’t need to go out and buy ointments or serums to take care of that reaction - and we all know that those only get used up a little bit until the allergic reactions go away. See what we mean? You’re already throwing away fewer products. Better brands are better for a reason!

Tip #3: Clean is Green

clean lashes

When you decide to take off your faux lashes, place them in a clean container so that you may reuse them. And don’t just remove them and keep them straight away. Take the time to clean up the lashes themselves and rid them of any clumped-up glue or dirt. This will make sure they last longer and minimize the need to unnecessarily purchase new ones and throw perfectly reusable lashes away. 

Method Lash also urges you to wash your face! Some cheap lashes out there prevent you from doing so for fear they’d fall off. We’re sure of the quality and durability of ours so we encourage face washing. It seems pretty obvious. Keeping things spic and span will minimize the need to buy new false lashes. Think about how much you save!

Method’s Method for Sustainable False Lashes

So we’ve talked about how you can make your eyelash care more sustainable. But what about us? You can take a deep dive into what makes Method’s business sustainable, from recycling to shipping elements. Check it out here: Method Lash Sustainability

While the main goal has always been to supply the fashionable masses with beautiful, quality lashes, we go one step further by staying cruelty-free. Our packaging materials are also made with recycled paper and plastic elements. 

It may seem that we’re already doing so much towards a more sustainable future, but we’re not stopping there! We aim to grow in that aspect of the business. That’s always been the goal from the start! We aspire to be a brand you can trust. 

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Flash Those Lashes

flase eyelashes

Now that you’ve got the tips and learned about our tricks, it’s time to get you a pair of lashes. We’ve got all kinds of styles, from natural to glamorous. Once you’ve gotten your hands on one of ours, you’ll understand why we’re one the best to do it.


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