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Social Media Influence: How They Shape False Eyelash Trends

From royalty to reality, everyone dabbles in a little lash love. You read that right. That person whose lashes you’ve been admiring through your phone screen? They’re probably wearing a pair of falsies! And there’s nothing wrong with that. We’ve spoken many times about the benefits of being able to switch from a day look to a night look and we’re sure celebs enjoy that convenience. Of course, so can you.

But going back to that phone screen - Social media and its effects on beauty have more of an impact than you think. Have you ever seen the blue sweater scene in The Devil Wears Prada? The way online influencers and celebs wear their false lashes similarly affects the decisions of the daily lash wearer, whether they realise it or not.

More to Eyelash Trends Than Meets the Eye

As you can probably tell, different types of fake eyelashes work for different types of people. We think the people in this short list of ours show how much one person can shape the eyelash trends we love and why they leave such an impact.

Kim Kardashian

You can’t mention eyelashes without mentioning Kim Kardashian. No matter what you think about the empire she’s built or the show she’s on, you can’t deny that her eyes always draw your attention. She has said in interviews that she’s never had eyelash extensions done (we can safely assume the operation). But she has put on false lashes! And that’s where we shine.

We think her signature look is full volume and wispy. When you look at her iconic red carpet looks, her eyes will likely feature this look. She also doesn’t shy away from volume for her daily lash. With all the meetings and appearances she does, it makes sense that she maintains a look she can take anywhere. 

You notice how your eyes are somehow always drawn to Kim’s? As a girlboss, you know that’s by design. Her gaze practically demands your attention. We can’t even imagine being in a big meeting with her running the show. We’d simply melt into our seats!

No one can deny Kim’s influence in the beauty industry. It’s not hard to see that some of the most popular fake eyelash styles are the wispy and full-volume sets. That’s the Kim K. effect in full view! 

Check out DARING or THE DREAM. No one does it like Kim but we certainly can try!

Kate Middleton

When people want to portray a classy lash, their reference is often the Duchess herself. Think about it. When people think of beautiful, natural lashes, our thoughts are often of Kate’s. Although a royal, she’s known for her natural and everyday style more than her evening gown looks.

It’s no secret that when Kate wears something, stores will likely sell out of these fast. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, newspapers, magazines, and even tabloids are quick to report on what the Duchess is wearing! A white sneaker? A blue blazer? A pair of boots? Sold out in minutes.

Duchess Kate’s look is achievable for the everyday woman and that’s never a bad thing. We can rummage our closets and even whip out our lash kits to try and match her look quite easily. The only question is if we can carry the look! Jokes aside, it’s Kate’s style and charisma that really sets her apart from the other royals. It feels like she’s still one of us, you know? 

We know Kate is the reason a lot of lash wearers started to do so. She’s a royal who also knows how to run a household. That’s why there are numerous natural-style lashes out there meant for daily wear. If you want to rock the royal style, better get a pair that you can comfortably wear throughout the day. 

Check out MINIMALIST or PREVAIL. Both are part of the natural lash collection. All lashes are made with fibres for even the most sensitive skin.

Katy Perry

We think that there’s a little Katy Perry in all of us… Allow us to explain. Katy Perry is very expressive, bubbly, and such a huge personality. Outside of her costumes and sometimes eccentric outfits, it’s her eyes that really show us that. 

Katy’s very open about her past struggles and her opinions - the latter mostly on her show, American Idol. When she speaks to contestants, she keeps their attention with her gaze and, with that, you feel her honesty. Even with everything she’s gone through and the obstacles she’s had to overcome, she still has that vibe of openness about her.

Remember Katy’s viral eye “glitch” a year or so ago? So relatable. We bet that after that, we all took a long, hard look at our current lash glues and took some extra time out of our day to make sure we didn’t make the same mistake. 

Anyway… Who hasn't experienced a lash glue malfunction before? Katy took that with stride and handled it well. We only hope to bring the same kind of confidence into our daily lives. When we think of Katy, we can’t help but remember her beautiful eyes. And that look can be achieved with some soft volume and length. 

Check out FASCINATE and GRACE to get the Katy look. Now to find our Orlando…

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Eye of The Tigress

You see it all and you see it now! Here at Method Lash, we know just how much personalities and social media shape the way we look at false eyelash trends. That’s why we offer a full range of styles. No person is the same and each has their own!


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